AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-06Added opusfile dependency.Storm Dragon
2024-01-29Updated to new maintained repository.Storm Dragon
2021-03-01Fix build... For now.Michael Taboada
2021-01-08Fix sumsMichael Taboada
2021-01-08Fix building with a patch to go-openal for now.Michael Taboada
2019-09-30Updated PKGBUILD for extra script, added install file.Storm Dragon
2019-06-30Updated PKGBUILD.Storm Dragon
2019-05-23Updated PKGBUILD, using a more up-to-date git repository.Storm Dragon
2019-04-02Added aarm64.Storm Dragon
2019-04-02It works now, I think.Storm Dragon
2018-11-06Forgot md5sums.Storm Dragon
2018-11-06Initial commit.Storm Dragon