AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-19bart-git: install commands into proper dirChristian Holme
2023-08-24remove explicit openblas depChristian Holme
2023-06-15update dependencies and optdependsChristian Holme
2023-06-15provides is not enough, we also need conflictsChristian Holme
2023-06-15handle conflicts with 'provides', overwrite symlinkChristian Holme
2023-06-15run utest to check that bart somewhat worksChristian Holme
2023-06-15switch to repository pacakges for openblasChristian Holme
2022-03-16remove gcc10, add gcc>=11.2.0Christian Holme
2021-06-02mark explicit dependency on gcc10Christian Holme
2021-06-02updates for recent upstream changesChristian Holme
2019-12-21New version and also install libs and headersRoosted7
2019-12-20New versionRoosted7
2019-08-28Add scripts to share folderRoosted7
2019-08-28Fix openblas lapack usageRoosted7
2019-08-28Initial packageRoosted7