AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-12Upstream released 2.7.1.James P. Harvey
2018-10-11Upstream released 2.6.3. Fixed typos in install file.James P. Harvey
2017-04-15Upstream released 2.5.2James P. Harvey
2016-10-30Upstream released 2.6.1. Updated maintainer's default arch theme. New symbo...James P. Harvey
2016-08-17Upstream released 2.5.1. Reorganized package() to follow order of files on g...James Harvey
2015-08-03Fixed copy/paste typo causing user prompts to end # rather than $, and root p...James Harvey
2015-08-02Removed optional patch. Replaced with instructions on how to set in /etc/bas...James Harvey
2015-08-02Updated documentation on optional remove spacing patchJames Harvey
2015-08-01Initial importJames Harvey