AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysFix packaging, add manpage, update templateClaudia Pellegrino
10 daysUpdate .gitignore, add .editorconfigClaudia Pellegrino
2018-12-13Add support for `~/.bash_it/scripts` directoryClaudia Pellegrino
2018-10-09Add Markdown document, explain legacy symlinksClaudia
2017-08-20Fix optional dependency on `python2`Claudia Pellegrino
2017-06-18Add .gitignoreClaudia Pellegrino
2017-06-18Make PKGBUILD conform to VCS package guidelinesClaudia
2017-06-18Advise user to detach from tmux sessionClaudia
2017-06-18Fix typoClaudia
2017-06-18Disable unnecessary makepkg stepsClaudia
2017-06-18Make install/remove notes stand out moreClaudia
2017-06-18Make comments more conciseClaudia
2017-06-18Combine post-install script chainClaudia
2017-06-18Add post-install scriptClaudia
2017-06-18Add optional dependenciesClaudia
2017-06-18Rewrite package() for better upgrade resilienceClaudia
2017-06-18Remove `pkgdir` prefix from symlink sourcesClaudia
2017-06-18Add missing dependenciesClaudia
2017-06-18Clean up to meet Arch packaging standardsClaudia
2017-06-18Use GNU tar instead of BSD tarClaudia
2017-06-18Initial commitClaudia Pellegrino