AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-04Update to Bruguera Micó
2021-06-26Update to Bruguera
2021-05-11Update .SRCINFO (...).Joan Bruguera
2021-05-11Move the various optdepends required for plotting to depends.Joan Bruguera
2020-10-27Update to + update dependencies.Joan Bruguera
2020-10-07Follow shellcheck SC2174 recommendation.Joan Bruguera
2019-12-10Upgrade tracking to the latest version. Additionally, change BSC package vers...Joan Bruguera
2019-03-22Fix package licenses.Joan Bruguera
2019-03-22Lint and uniformize BSC package files.Joan Bruguera
2019-03-21Initial version.Joan Bruguera