AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysBump version to 20220522Misaka13514
13 daysBump version to 20220515Misaka13514
2022-05-07Bump version to 20220507Misaka13514
2022-04-28Bump version to 20220427Misaka13514
2022-04-25use versioned electron16 to match upstreamMisaka13514
2022-03-14Bump version to 20220315Misaka13514
2022-03-05Bump version to 20220304Misaka13514
2022-03-02update license & archMisaka13514
2022-03-02remove empty lines & formatMisaka13514
2022-02-11Conflict with bbg-git.zzjzxq33
2022-02-11Bump version to 20220213.zzjzxq33
2022-02-07Update version to 20220202zzjzxq33
2022-01-31Fix the sha256sum of the desktop entryzzjzxq33
2022-01-31Change category of the desktop entry into Officezzjzxq33
2022-01-31Update version to 20220123 & change source to asarzzjzxq33
2021-11-23Updated pkgrelzzjzxq33
2021-11-23Fix .SRCINFOzzjzxq33
2021-11-23Change arch to x86_64zzjzxq33
2021-11-23Added desktop entryzzjzxq33
2021-11-22Inintial commitzzjzxq33