AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-25upgpkg: bcm2835 1.71-1Luca Weiss
2021-11-29upgpkg: bcm2835 1.70-1Luca Weiss
2021-03-31upgpkg: bcm2835 1.69-1Luca Weiss
2020-08-01upgpkg: bcm2835 1.68-1Luca Weiss
2020-07-09upgpkg: bcm2835 1.67-1Luca Weiss
2020-04-27upgpkg: bcm2835 1.65-1Luca Weiss
2020-01-23upgpkg: bcm2835 1.62-1Luca Weiss
2019-08-17bcm2835: https and style fixesLuca Weiss
2019-08-11upgpkg: bcm2835 1.60-1Luca Weiss
2019-06-28upgpkg: bcm2835 1.59-1Luca Weiss
2019-01-13upgpkg: bcm2835 1.58-1Luca Weiss
2018-09-26upgpkg: bcm2835 1.57-1Luca Weiss
2018-08-24upgpkg: bcm2835 1.56-1Luca Weiss
2018-07-091.56Luca Weiss
2018-05-16Remove archives (oops)Luca Weiss
2018-01-221.55Luca Weiss
2018-01-221.54Luca Weiss
2018-01-181.53Luca Weiss
2017-02-10Update to 1.52Luca Weiss
2016-12-03Update to 1.51Luca Weiss
2016-12-03Change to sha512sumsLuca Weiss
2016-11-17(probably) update maintainer email addressLuca Weiss
2016-07-19FormattingLuca Weiss
2016-03-11Bump to 1.50z3ntu
2016-02-12update package sums, add 'normal' architectures for buildingz3ntu
2016-01-07Cleanup & add armv7h architecture for the raspberry pi 2 (only tested on the ...z3ntu
2016-01-07Initial commitz3ntu