AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-13Update pkgverVladislav Ivanishin
2021-08-13Set package license to GPL2Vladislav Ivanishin
2021-01-22Regenerate .SCRINFOVladislav Ivanishin
2021-01-22Update pgkver and versioning schemeVladislav Ivanishin
2019-12-15Update pkgverAetf
2019-12-10Switch to the master branch. It is more stable and builds with all kernels ac...Peifeng Yu
2019-03-24Remove install file as ALPM hooks handles dkms nowPeifeng Yu
2017-10-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
2017-10-07Merge pull request #3 from christophgysin/fix-install-pathHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2017-10-06fix install pathChristoph Gysin
2017-07-14Remove DKMS cherry-pickingHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2017-06-02Also ignore plain tar filesHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2017-06-02Add gitignoreChristoph Gysin
2017-05-24Copy improvements made on bcwc-pcie-dkmsHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2017-05-24Copy install file from bcwc-pcie-dkmsHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2016-05-31Support custom kernel buildsHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2016-05-31Remove redundant dependencyHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-12-27Add configuration to load the module automaticallyHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-12-27Avoid loading conflicting kernel modulesHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-12-23Depend on bcwc-pcie-firmware rather than bundle itHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-12-23Make PKGBUILD compatible with any kernel versionHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-12-23Initial commitHugo Osvaldo Barrera