AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-04version bumpbrent s
2017-12-07updating to 3.09brent s
2017-10-01missing depbrent s
2017-08-19v3.07brent s
2017-08-19updating to 3.06brent s
2017-05-07bumping to 3.04brent s
2017-05-06whew. okay, last-minute bug fixed.brent s
2017-05-06fixing some minor thingsbrent s
2017-05-06bump to stable 3.03brent s
2017-04-12i hate tagging beta releases, but there were some serious bugsbrent s
2017-03-07update to 3.02brent s
2017-02-13whoooopsbrent s
2017-02-13whoops, forgot to update hash for v3.01brent s
2017-02-05updating to 3.01brent s
2017-01-18updating to 3.00 releasebrent s
2017-01-06handling python-gitpython -> python-git mergebrent s
2016-12-30fixing minor things in pkgbuildbrent s
2016-12-30oopsbrent s
2016-12-30first working(?) buildbrent s
2016-11-21updating notes- still undergoing rewrite, 3.x pending python library issue re...brent s
2016-11-21initial commit; setting up .gitignores and skeleton PKGBUILDbrent s.