AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-01missing depbrent s
2017-05-07confirming build works with 3.04brent s
2017-04-12switch to upstream HEAD instead of taggedbrent s
2017-03-07minor tweaks- only build from latest tagbrent s
2017-02-13whoopsbrent s
2017-02-05updating to 3.01 tag- python deps mostlybrent s
2017-01-06updating python dependencybrent s
2016-12-30fixing versioningbrent s
2016-12-30fixing versioningbrent s
2016-12-30first working commitbrent s
2016-11-21updating notes- this project currently does not build due to a library bug in...brent s
2016-11-21initial commit; setting up .gitignores and skeleton PKGBUILDbrent s.