AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-17bdsync: update Maintainer: tagIvan Shapovalov
2023-09-17bdsync: bump, add git to makedependsIvan Shapovalov
2021-07-19bdsync: update .SRCINFOIvan Shapovalov
2021-07-19bdsync: update to 0.11.2, change upstream, refactor buildIvan Shapovalov
2019-04-28bdsync: bump to 0.11.1 and fix CFLAGS/LDFLAGSBaptiste Jonglez
2017-05-03bdsync: rebuild against openssl 1.1Baptiste Jonglez
2017-03-08bdsync: Bump to 0.10.1Baptiste Jonglez
2016-12-01all: switch to HTTPS when availableBaptiste Jonglez
2016-11-29bdsync: Remove unused zlib dependencyBaptiste Jonglez
2016-11-29bdsync: Update to 0.10Baptiste Jonglez
2016-11-29bdsync: Store downloaded tarball with a more detailed name to avoid collisionsBaptiste Jonglez
2015-06-25Initial upload: bdsync 0.8-1Baptiste Jonglez