AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-10Fix conflict with opencl-headersDrommer
2020-10-14Move from [community] due to LLVM 11 build errorsEvangelos Foutras
2017-01-21upgpkg: beignet 1.3.0-1Bruno Pagani
2016-12-13Improve PKGBUILDBruno Pagani
2016-11-06upgpkg: beignet 1.2.1-1Bruno Pagani
2016-10-08upgpkg: beignet 1.2.0-3Bruno Pagani
2016-10-07upgpkg: beignet 1.2.0-2Bruno Pagani
2016-10-07beignet: Remove old patchesBruno Pagani
2016-10-03upgpkg: beignet 1.2.0-1Bruno Pagani
2016-06-06fix build for real this timeHal Incandenza
2016-05-30fix clang build, pt. 2Hal Incandenza
2016-05-30fix clang buildHal Incandenza
2016-05-30fix clang buildHal Incandenza
2016-05-30fix patch typoHal Incandenza
2016-05-30fix gcc6 compilationHal Incandenza
2016-04-30remove unneeded patchesHal Incandenza
2016-04-30update and cleanupHal Incandenza
2016-03-16fix derpHal Incandenza
2016-03-16wow bro pt. 2Hal Incandenza
2016-03-16update srcinfo and add patchHal Incandenza
2016-03-16add patch to fix compile errorHal Incandenza
2015-10-10wow really bro? force upgradeLeopold Bloom
2015-10-10wow really broLeopold Bloom
2015-10-10update to 1.1.1-3; fix llvm 3.7 support for reals this timeLeopold Bloom
2015-10-10update to 1.1.1-2; fix llvm 3.7 support hopefullyLeopold Bloom
2015-10-10update to 1.1.1-2; fix llvm 3.7 supportLeopold Bloom
2015-10-09update to 1.1.1-1Leopold Bloom
2015-08-02Updated to version 1.1.0Leopold Bloom
2015-06-09initial import to aur4Peter Wang