AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-01bemenu: git package and it missed git as makedep...Narrat
2022-03-19bemenu-git: two split packages wrongly depended on a stable packageNarrat
2022-03-18bemenu-git: sync with [community]Narrat
2020-05-19Add optional dependency for wayland-protocolsDanny Bautista
2020-05-19Update SRCINFODanny Bautista
2020-05-19Update email address.Danny Bautista
2020-05-19Update to use make.Danny Bautista
2019-05-13Update pkgver, enable wayland support, and appease cmake by using build direc...Danny Bautista
2019-05-12Update PKGBUILD.Jason
2015-09-23new gnuinstalldirs mechanismdacoit
2015-08-12Added contrib tag for original maintainer and srcinfodacoit