AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-23Update to 0.1.12Joshua Ervin
2022-03-18Update git urlJoshua Ervin
2022-03-17Upgrade to 0.1.11Joshua Ervin
2022-02-03Update to 8a8857Joshua Ervin
2021-10-20Update to 972f953Joshua Ervin
2021-07-06Update SRCINFO for fdfd8080Joshua Ervin
2021-07-06Fix manprefix and update to fdfd800Joshua Ervin
2021-02-17Updated to 3dc0a02Kyle Guarco
2021-02-04Updated to 3f50319Kyle Guarco
2020-11-03Updated to 1ca79fdKyle Guarco
2020-10-25Updated to 88d9bcfKyle Guarco
2020-05-04Updated to 3872a74Kyle Guarco
2020-03-10Updated to upstream 09e39d0 (0.1.4)Kyle Guarco
2020-02-20Fixed manpage prefix, updated to e8b246fKyle Guarco
2019-10-04"/usr/local" will now be created if it doesn't existKyle Guarco
2019-10-02Updated to caf4f33Kyle Guarco
2019-09-12Updated to 584662bKyle Guarco
2019-07-18Updated to e519be4Kyle Guarco
2019-07-17Example configuration files will now be installed properly.Kyle Guarco
2019-07-17Updated to c381116, fixed an 'lol'Kyle Guarco
2019-07-17Removed Makefile Patch (Local)Kyle Guarco
2019-07-17Removed makefile patchKyle Guarco
2019-07-17Updated to 2e5d44cKyle Guarco
2019-06-26Fixed upstream build issue, temp fixKyle Guarco
2019-06-22Fixed Integrity checkKyle Guarco
2019-06-22Fixed pkgbaseKyle Guarco
2019-06-22Updated PKGBUILD to 8d72619Kyle Guarco
2019-06-22Removed package base signatureKyle Guarco
2019-05-01Fixed pkgbaseKyle Guarco
2019-05-01Updated to commit 90603b7 from masterKyle Guarco
2018-12-20Updated pkg-rel to commit 061718bKyle Guarco
2018-08-31Fixed source URLKyle Guarco
2018-08-28Whoops, broke it.Kyle Guarco
2018-08-28manual.patch has been merged with the main branch - deleted manual.patchKyle Guarco
2018-08-28Tired of changing the master version, so changed it to 'devel' instead.Kyle Guarco
2018-08-28Changed to 0.0.4 (master) and added manual.patch to fix MANPREFIXKyle Guarco
2018-08-24Changed .SRCINFO to include upstream URLKyle Guarco
2018-08-24Added upstream URLKyle Guarco
2018-08-24Fixed pkgbaseKyle Guarco
2018-08-24Initial CommitKyle Guarco