AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-21[lilac] updated to 4.0.4-2lilac
2022-05-10[lilac] updated to 4.0.4-1lilac
2021-08-25[lilac] updated to 4.0.3-2lilac
2021-08-22[lilac] updated to 4.0.3-1lilac
2021-08-14[lilac] updated to 4.0.1-1lilac
2021-06-06[lilac] updated to 3.2.0-2lilac
2021-06-04[lilac] updated to 3.2.0-1lilac
2021-02-02feat: Modify email addressDct Mei
2020-09-16fix: v3.0.1-6Dct Mei
2020-07-25style: Correct the format content of the PKGBUILD fileDct Mei
2019-02-10fixed conflicting file errorAUTplayed
2019-02-10moved service file to /libAUTplayed
2019-01-28fixed md5hash, thanks kylesferrazzaAUTplayed
2019-01-28updated to 3.0.1AUTplayed
2019-01-28updated to version 3.0.0AUTplayed
2019-01-05update to v2.1AUTplayed
2018-04-11updated to version 2.0AUTplayed
2018-01-24changed i3lock dependency from git to releaseAUTplayed
2018-01-04initial commitAUTplayed