AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-27update to release 4.1.0Michael Mugnai
2023-03-28switch to 'next' branchMichael Mugnai
2022-07-24simplify PKGBUILDMichael Mugnai
2022-07-24many improvements, thanks to Archlinux-AUR IRC channel usersMichael Mugnai
2022-05-10update version tag and bump to 4.0.4 from main branchMichael Mugnai
2021-10-15update to last default branch commitMichael Mugnai
2021-08-23update to release 4.0.3Michael Mugnai
2021-08-16update to release 4.0.1Michael Mugnai
2021-06-01update i3lock minimum required versionMichael Mugnai
2021-05-19fix system service bin pathMichael Mugnai
2021-05-18bump version to lastest master commitMichael Mugnai
2021-02-19bump version to latest commit and 'install' instead of 'cp'Michael Mugnai
2019-10-01updated version for hiDpi issuesPhilipp Hemmelmayr
2019-02-10fixed conflicting file errorAUTplayed
2019-02-10updated service file locationAUTplayed
2019-01-28updated for example configAUTplayed
2019-01-05fixed hidpi issuesAUTplayed
2018-09-19updated sysd serviceAUTplayed
2018-09-15added systemd serviceAUTplayed
2018-01-24changed i3lock dependency from git to releaseAUTplayed
2018-01-04updated conflictsAUTplayed
2017-12-29added bc dependencyAUTplayed
2017-12-20force updateAUTplayed
2017-12-14added licenseAUTplayed
2017-12-14fixed renamingAUTplayed
2017-12-13renamed script to betterlockscreenAUTplayed
2017-12-13initial commitAUTplayed