AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-21Update to 1.118.8415.401Sandy Carter
2022-11-20fix file type submodule after git updateSandy Carter
2022-03-30remove patchesSandy Carter
2022-03-30version: use bgfx.cmake's own versioning systemSandy Carter
2022-03-30whitespace fixSandy Carter
2022-03-30version: use bgfx's own versioning systemSandy Carter
2022-03-20Use https authentication for cloneSandy Carter
2021-04-29Remove patches that were merged upstreamSandy Carter
2021-04-29Changed upstream to author's own forkSandy Carter
2021-02-07Recommit patch files with crlf 2/Sandy Carter
2021-02-07Recommit patch files with crlfSandy Carter
2021-02-07Fix patch files' line ending issuesSandy Carter
2021-01-30Fix project website urlSandy Carter
2021-01-30convert to cmake package using bgfx.cmakeSandy Carter
2021-01-30initial packageSandy Carter