AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysbugfix: decimal separatorStéphane MEYER
2022-03-16aplay --quiet option is NOT deprecated.Stéphane MEYER
2021-04-20Fixed issue: aplay -q option has been deprecated.Stéphane MEYER
2021-02-13New digits file: flip.Stéphane MEYER
2020-11-03Update timezone display if a change occurs (DST).teegre
2020-10-21Fixed time alignment issue in alarm and timer mode.teegre
2020-10-06--foreground is now priority.teegre
2020-10-01New digits file + minor improvement.teegre
2020-09-30Fixed an annoying bug.teegre
2020-09-30Many improvements: see changelog.teegre
2020-09-24Added more info to --preview option.teegre
2020-09-21Added digits file parameters+new digits files.teegre
2020-09-18Added new parameters to digits file.teegre
2020-09-18Added new digits file.teegre
2020-09-18Added --edit option + bug fixes/improvement.teegre
2020-09-14Added --no-separator option + bug fixes.teegre
2020-09-10Fixed misaligned AM/PM indicator (vertical layout).teegre
2020-09-09New version 2.0.teegre
2020-08-23fixed manpage.teegre
2020-08-23added --snooze option to set snooze duration.teegre
2020-08-19minor improvements.teegre
2020-08-16bug fixes.teegre
2020-08-15bug fixes and some adjustments.teegre
2020-08-05bug fixes.teegre
2020-08-03Minor bug fixesteegre
2020-08-02added layout parameter + new digits fileteegre
2020-08-01bug fixedteegre
2020-08-01updated .SRCINFOteegre
2020-08-01fixed checksumteegre
2020-08-01Added -l option back.teegre
2020-08-01fixed missing package nameteegre
2020-08-01Added -l option back.teegre
2020-07-31Added optional **char** and **space** settings for digits file.teegre
2020-07-30Bug fixes and minor improvementsteegre
2020-07-29first committeegre