AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-25Bump pkgrelcyrozap
2024-02-25Use SPDX license identifiercyrozap
2024-02-25Remove unneeded .install scriptcyrozap
2023-09-26Update to version 8cyrozap
2022-07-30Update to version 7 (latest version, updated 2022-03-03)cyrozap
2021-10-01Update to version 7 (latest version, updated)cyrozap
2021-10-01Update to version 7cyrozap
2020-04-03Update to version 6cyrozap
2019-09-05Update to version 5cyrozap
2017-11-10Update to version 4.3cyrozap
2016-03-19Made a number of updates to the packagecyrozap
2016-01-01Removed the makedepends.David Manouchehri
2016-01-01Package created.David Manouchehri