AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-22new updatesWeitian Leung
2018-03-05Temporary switch to golang branch to fix no update wallpaper at startupWeitian Leung
2018-03-05Switch to golangWeitian Leung
2017-12-24Upstream updatedWeitian Leung
2017-03-16new update from upstreamWeitian Leung
2017-02-07new update from upstreamWeitian Leung
2016-10-11a bit improvement to the autostart scipt and PKGBUILDWeitian Leung
2016-03-25Add upstream urlWeitian Leung
2016-03-25new update from upstreamWeitian Leung
2016-03-10new update from upstreamWeitian Leung
2016-02-28add missing dependencyWeitian Leung
2016-02-17changed upstreamWeitian Leung
2016-02-15new updates from upstreamWeitian Leung
2015-12-06update md5sum!Weitian Leung
2015-12-02network connection availability check limited to 3 timesWeitian Leung
2015-11-03update to r10Weitian Leung
2015-10-02first packageWeitian Leung