AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-22added JAVA_HOMEChristian Rebischke
2017-02-22use , replaced mkdir/mv for install -Dm, pinned java versionChristian Rebischke
2017-02-20added .tar.gz in sourceChristian Rebischke
2016-11-13added unique srcChristian Rebischke
2016-03-22new releaseChristian Rebischke
2016-03-22added new dependency java8 and added license and readmeChristian Rebischke
2016-03-22new version 6.1.0Christian Rebischke
2016-02-11changed formatChristian Rebischke
2016-02-11changed emailChristian Rebischke
2016-02-11changed emailChristian Rebischke
2015-08-31changed makedep and dep, fixed pkgdesc, fixed chroot-bug, reduced overheadShibumi
2015-08-20embraced the install src and dest dir with quotesShibumi
2015-08-20moved binnavi from /opt/binnavi to /usr/share/java/Shibumi
2015-08-19multiple bugfixesShibumi
2015-08-19added modelineShibumi
2015-08-19added build() and package()Shibumi
2015-08-19initial push binnaviShibumi