AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-07v1.2.3Florian Reimair
2019-11-01v1.2.2Florian Reimair
2019-10-30v1.2.1Florian Reimair
2019-10-29Update to v1.2.0David Parrish
2019-09-23v1.1.7Florian Reimair
2019-09-16v1.1.6Florian Reimair
2019-08-09updated srcinfoFlorian Reimair
2019-08-09fix build pathsFlorian Reimair
2019-08-08v1.1.5Florian Reimair
2019-07-29v1.1.4Florian Reimair
2019-07-16v1.1.3Florian Reimair
2019-06-05v1.1.2Florian Reimair
2019-05-06Update to v1.1.1David Parrish
2019-05-03Update to v1.1.0David Parrish
2019-04-16v1.0.1Florian Reimair
2019-04-15v1.0.0Florian Reimair
2019-04-09v0.9.8David Parrish
2019-04-02v0.9.7Florian Reimair
2019-04-02v0.9.6Florian Reimair
2019-03-06v0.9.5Florian Reimair
2019-02-230.9.4Florian Reimair
2019-01-09v0.9.3Florian Reimair
2018-12-29Update revision to 2.David Parrish
2018-12-29Remove java-openjfx as dependency. Add bash as dependency.David Parrish
2018-12-14v0.9.1Florian Reimair
2018-12-09added git to makedependsFlorian Reimair
2018-12-07add jdk10 dependencyFlorian Reimair
2018-12-06force bisq to use openjdk10Florian Reimair
2018-12-04require jdk10Florian Reimair
2018-12-040.9.0Florian Reimair
2018-08-23Update version to 0.8.0David Parrish
2018-07-18Update URLDavid Parrish
2018-05-15Remove unneeded shell scriptDavid Parrish
2018-05-15Update version to 0.7.0David Parrish
2018-02-28Update version to 0.6.7David Parrish
2018-02-25Update version to 0.6.6David Parrish
2018-02-02Update version to 0.6.5David Parrish
2018-01-23Allow desktop icon to be themableDavid Parrish
2018-01-22Update version to 0.6.4David Parrish
2018-01-11Update version to 0.6.3David Parrish
2017-12-21Update version to 0.6.2David Parrish
2017-11-28Update to version 0.6.1David Parrish
2017-11-23Up version to 0.6.0David Parrish
2017-09-18Update revision numberDavid Parrish
2017-09-18Add .SRCINFODavid Parrish
2017-09-18Fix build, based on build notes from build.mdDavid Parrish
2017-07-23Update version to 0.5.3David Parrish
2017-07-05Update to version 0.5.1 and renamed to bisqDavid Parrish
2017-05-22Update version to Parrish
2017-04-01Update version to Parrish