AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-15step back as maintainerMatthew McGinn
2020-05-19rename test.patch to something that is more clearMatthew McGinn
2020-05-19remove unneeded patchMatthew McGinn
2020-05-18patch comment out testMatthew McGinn
2020-05-18test.patch additionMatthew McGinn
2020-05-18bump to 1.46.0Matthew McGinn
2020-05-18bump gitignoreMatthew McGinn
2020-01-12add back git configBitbake Tester
2020-01-12set BB_SKIP_NETTESTS=yesBitbake Tester
2020-01-12fix up test pathBitbake Tester
2020-01-12add back PATHBitbake Tester
2020-01-12run from TLDBitbake Tester
2020-01-12run from TLDBitbake Tester
2020-01-12update git config to run testsBitbake Tester
2020-01-12add --failfast and -v to test commandBitbake Tester
2020-01-12add debugging statements for git configBitbake Tester
2020-01-12update grep to match pythonBitbake Tester
2020-01-12check out env of build to debug travisMatthew McGinn
2020-01-12move commentMatthew McGinn
2020-01-12use http over ftp for travisBitbake Tester
2020-01-12update .gitignoreMatthew McGinn
2020-01-12update gitignoreMatthew McGinn
2020-01-02bump version to 1.44.1Bitbake Tester
2020-01-02correct local git
2020-01-02add git config in preparation for
2019-12-30add wget as makedependsMatthew McGinn
2019-10-09remove testing logs, install hashservMatthew McGinn
2019-10-09update version to v1.44.0Matthew McGinn
2019-10-04tests: fix up newly-added failing testsMatthew McGinn
2019-10-03update version to 1.43.2Matthew McGinn
2019-07-18update version to v1.42.0Matthew McGinn
2019-07-12fix up pkg typoMatthew McGinn
2019-07-11bump pkgverMatthew McGinn
2019-07-11update dependenciesMatthew McGinn
2019-02-23Update to python 3.7Matthew McGinn
2019-02-22Fix up failing testsMatthew McGinn
2019-02-22Update version to 1.40.0Matthew McGinn
2018-10-09Updating to version 1.38.0Matthew McGinn
2018-10-09Update for new maintainerMatthew McGinn
2017-10-16Update to 1.36Andrea Scarpino
2016-10-21Bumped revision that fixes bitbake testsFelipe F. Tonello
2016-09-06Fixed check test and updated md5sumFelipe F. Tonello
2016-07-22Cleanup commented linesFelipe F. Tonello
2016-07-22Improved package to remote sudo pip2 commandFelipe F. Tonello
2016-07-22Fixed pip2 permissionFelipe F. Tonello
2016-07-21Initial version of bitbake support for ArchFelipe F. Tonello