AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysUpdate SRCINFOquest
13 daysAdd patch for deque issuequest
13 daysBump to ABC 0.20.12quest
2020-01-23Bump to Bitcoin ABC 0.20.11quest
2020-01-17Bump to Bitcoin ABC 0.20.10quest
2019-12-26Updated to Bitcoin ABC 0.20.9quest
2019-12-13Updated to Bitcoin ABC 0.20.8quest
2019-11-26Added Bitcoin ABC 0.20.7quest
2019-11-12Bump to Bitcoin ABC 0.20.6quest
2019-10-29Bump to ABC 0.20.5quest
2019-10-07Bump to Bitcoin ABC 0.20.3quest
2019-09-17Bump to 0.20.2quest
2019-08-21Bump to 0.20.0quest
2019-08-14Bump to 0.19.12quest
2019-07-31Update to Bitcoin ABC 0.19.11quest
2019-07-17Get rid of rpcuser.pyquest
2019-07-17Get rid of rpcuser.pyquest
2019-07-17Bump to 0.19.10quest
2019-07-03Bump to 0.19.9quest
2019-06-18Bump to 0.19.8quest
2019-06-04Bump to Bitcoin ABC 0.19.7quest
2019-05-20Bump to 0.19.6quest
2019-05-08Bump to 0.19.5quest
2019-04-28Bump to 0.19.4quest
2019-04-11Bump to 0.19.3quest
2019-03-29Bump to 0.19.2quest
2019-03-21Bump to 0.19.1quest
2019-02-20Fix iconJosh Ellithorpe
2019-02-20Bump to 0.19.0Josh Ellithorpe
2019-02-11Bump to ABC 0.18.8Josh Ellithorpe
2019-01-29Bump to Bitcoin ABC 0.18.7Josh Ellithorpe
2019-01-11Repatch so QT opensJosh Ellithorpe
2019-01-11Bump to ABC 0.18.6Josh Ellithorpe
2018-11-16Disable known broken testsJosh Ellithorpe
2018-11-16Update to 0.18.4Josh Ellithorpe
2018-11-09Wallet now worksJosh Ellithorpe
2018-11-09Attempt fix of QT wallet launchJosh Ellithorpe
2018-11-08Fix default iconJosh Ellithorpe
2018-11-08Fix pixmapJosh Ellithorpe
2018-11-08Bump to ABC 0.18.3Josh Ellithorpe
2018-10-02Fix bitcoin-qt load issue.Josh Ellithorpe
2018-10-01Bump to ABC 0.18.2Josh Ellithorpe
2018-06-04Update to ABC 0.17.2Josh Ellithorpe
2018-04-30Bump to 0.17.1Josh Ellithorpe
2018-04-04Bump to 0.17.0Josh Ellithorpe
2018-01-06Added patch to support latest version of BoostJosh Ellithorpe
2018-01-02Bumped to 0.16.2Josh Ellithorpe
2017-11-13Bump to 0.16.1Josh Ellithorpe
2017-10-31Bump to 0.16.0Josh Ellithorpe
2017-10-22bumped to 0.15.1Josh Ellithorpe