AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-230.17.3-2 git+https fixLuis Aranguren
2020-11-17Update pkgver to 0.17.3, included qpainterpath.patchLuis Aranguren
2020-03-10Update pkgver to 0.17.1, added libb2 dependency, included deque.patchLuis Aranguren
2017-12-22Update .SRCINFO with versionDavid Parrish
2017-12-22Update uploaded versionDavid Parrish
2017-12-22Strip out leading 'v' in tags for versionDavid Parrish
2017-12-22Fix .conf install file nameDavid Parrish
2017-12-16Fix build to the 0.15 branchDavid Parrish
2017-12-16Add libsodium makedependsDavid Parrish
2017-12-16Update PKGBUILD to build Bitcoin Gold instead of Bitcoin coreDavid Parrish
2016-09-12Emergency PKGBUILD fixRaansu
2016-09-12Update pkgver to 0.13.0 and update to QT5Raansu
2015-08-02PKGBUILD typoRaansu
2015-08-02Clean up depends and make dependsRaasnu
2015-08-01Fix PKGBUILD and upgrade to AUR4Raansu