AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-02Update to Version 022Naleo
2020-06-29Add conflicts arrayNaleo Hyde
2020-06-28Updated package to version 021Naleo Hyde
2020-05-03rewrote PKGBUILD according to CMAKE PKGBUILD GuidelinesNaleo Hyde
2020-05-02fixed issues that prevented bitfighter from compilingNaleo Hyde
2018-12-24Fixed mpg123 dependencySzymon Scholz
2018-12-24adopted, tested, upgradedSzymon Scholz
2018-03-09adopted and updated PKGBUILDFrederic Bezies
2015-11-14add gcc 5.x patchlarryhaja
2015-06-11Initial releaseLarry Hajali