AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-03Use git tags for pkgverFilippo Squillace
2019-01-12Add aarch64 archFilippo Squillace
2017-01-06Update source to the bitlbee repoFilippo Squillace
2016-01-26add conflicts() for stable packagepolyzen
2015-12-22add armv7h to arch arraypolyzen
2015-12-22Revert "change arch to 'any'"polyzen
2015-09-24in license(), GPL2 = GPLpolyzen
2015-09-24change arch to 'any'polyzen
2015-08-26add json-glib deppolyzen
2015-08-26replace double quotes with single quotes where appropriatepolyzen
2015-07-09initial commitpolyzen