AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysInitial commitMichael Posanski
2021-09-05I dont know why it disappear from AUR but I will maintain itchn
2021-08-27Update to 1.28.2Ali Molaei
2021-08-21Update to 1.28.1Ali Molaei
2021-07-08Update to 1.27.1Ali Molaei
2021-07-03Update to 1.27.0Ali Molaei
2021-05-31Update to 1.26.5Ali Molaei
2021-05-22Update to 1.26.4Ali Molaei
2021-05-13Update 1.26.3Ali Molaei
2021-03-18Update to 1.25.1Ali Molaei
2021-03-12Update to 1.25.0Ali Molaei
2021-01-27Update to 1.24.6Ali Molaei
2021-01-26Update to 1.24.4Ali Molaei
2021-01-24Update to 1.24.1Ali Molaei
2020-12-03Update to 1.23.1Ali Molaei
2020-11-15Update to 1.23.0Ali Molaei
2020-11-01Remove unnecessary 'groups' in PKGBUILDAli Molaei
2020-09-30Update to 1.22.2Ali Molaei
2020-09-18Update to 1.22.1Ali Molaei
2020-08-04Update to 1.20.1Ali Molaei
2020-07-31Update to 1.20.0Ali Molaei
2020-06-30Update to 1.19.0Ali Molaei
2020-05-30Update to 1.18.0Ali Molaei
2020-03-25Update to 1.17.2Ali Molaei
2020-03-14Update to 1.17.1Ali Molaei
2020-03-13Update to 1.17.0Ali Molaei
2020-01-03Remove gconf from deps as it is not needed anymore by electronAli Molaei
2019-10-01Add git ignore, Update to 1.16.6Ali Molaei
2019-09-241.16.4 + using sha512sums for added securityMilo Gilad
2019-08-15Changes suggested by yochananmarqosMilo Gilad
2019-08-151.15.2Milo Gilad
2019-03-131.14.0Milo Gilad
2019-01-021.12.0Milo Gilad
2018-11-281.11.2Milo Gilad
2018-11-271.11.1Milo Gilad
2018-11-111.10.0Milo Gilad
2018-10-221.9.0Milo Gilad
2018-09-191.8.0Milo Gilad
2018-08-261.7.0Milo Gilad
2018-08-191.6.0Milo Gilad
2018-08-091.5.0Milo Gilad
2018-08-03Replacing old packageMilo Gilad
2018-07-31Conflict with sourceMilo Gilad
2018-07-31InitMilo Gilad