AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-26Add OpenImageDenoise to blender compositorbartus
2019-08-25Fix: accidental commit of local changes in bc95f9bartus
2019-08-25Yay: drop cuda from .SRCINFO:makedepends, leave warn in comment.bartus
2019-08-20Travis: fix _makepkg_return code save routinebartus
2019-08-07Drop optdepend=cuda if prebuilding cuda kernelsbartus
2019-07-30Fix man page conflicting with archs blender packagebartus
2019-07-30Drop conflicts as blender master is now 2.81-alpha.bartus
2019-07-30Version bump to 2.81 alphabartus
2019-07-23Add README.mdbartus
2019-07-23Travis: build branch masterbartus
2019-07-21Filter CUDA_SELECT_NVCC_ARCH_FLAGSbartus
2019-07-18Merge branch 'master' of
2019-07-18Add flags DISABLE_{CUDA,NINJA} and TRAVISbartus
2019-07-16pop versionbartus
2019-07-16add cuda makedependsbartus
2019-07-16switch cmake backend from make to ninja, and small cmake tweaksbartus
2019-07-16update conflicts as blender 2.80rc1 landed in Archbartus
2019-07-16refactor source arraybartus
2019-07-16refactor cmake invocationbartus
2019-07-16shellcheck disable SC2034bartus
2019-07-16update cuda build logicbartus
2019-07-16remove openvdb abi3 compatibility flagsbartus
2019-06-17update pkgver 2.8 > 2.80bartus
2019-05-27add .travis.ymlbartus
2019-04-17update SelectCudaComputeArch.patchbartus
2019-01-04switch to master branchbartus
2018-12-07pop versionbartus
2018-11-21update submodule, drop audaspace pathbartus
2018-07-30add missing flagbartus
2018-07-11mail updatebartus
2018-05-19add alembic, fix audaspace ffmpeg, turn off legacy modulesbartus
2018-04-03drop openvdb4.revert.patch as it is no longer requiredbartus
2018-03-11use cmake internal SelectCudaCompyteArchbartus
2018-03-06drop SelectCudaComputeArch for nowbartus
2017-10-01update .SRCINFObartus
2017-09-30roll back upstream openvdb4 patch until arch openvdb package gets rebuild wit...bartus
2017-09-25fix openvdb-4.0 compilationbartus
2017-08-12add cmake function for autoselection of cuda archbartus
2017-08-12drops blenderplayer until got fixed upstreambartus
2017-07-17fix desktop shortcutbartus
2017-07-14move python detection inside build()bartus
2017-07-14initial commitbartus