AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysAdd USD and Embree support.bartus
10 daysRevert "Fix osl shaders path."bartus
12 daysFix osl shaders path.bartus
2020-01-16Pop blender version to 2.83bartus
2019-12-14Fix previous fix.bartus
2019-12-14Fix MAKEFLAGS in ninja again.bartus
2019-12-03Travis: drop oidn.bartus
2019-12-03Switch to [community]/openimagedenoisebartus
2019-12-03Fix $MAKEFLAGS usage in make/ninja.bartus
2019-10-22Remove old patches.bartus
2019-10-22Update rename scheme: 2.8 -> 2.82bartus
2019-10-19Travis: Insert private repo holding optix pkg.bartus
2019-10-15Drop mistakenly committed debug option.bartus
2019-10-15Update conflictsbartus
2019-10-15Pop version to 2.82bartus
2019-10-08Travis: detect no cache in.bartus
2019-10-08Travis: drop optix (download to painful)bartus
2019-10-07Travis: cache ~/.cache/yaybartus
2019-10-05Travis: mask optix dowload script.bartus
2019-10-05Drop llvm from makedepends.bartus
2019-10-05Drop redundant flag (-DWITH_LLVM=ON).bartus
2019-10-03Probe blender version in pkgver()bartus
2019-10-01Travis: fix missing unit in status message.bartus
2019-10-01Travis: Fix optix download.bartus
2019-10-01Travis: Update urlbartus
2019-10-01Travis: Add language tag.bartus
2019-10-01Travis: Update arch-travis keyword.bartus
2019-10-01Travis: add optixbartus
2019-09-30Turn on optix my default.bartus
2019-09-30Fix ENABLE_OPTIX logic.bartus
2019-09-30Add optix backend to cycles.bartus
2019-09-08Travis: mask bartus-repo, build odin with yay.bartus
2019-09-08Travis: Use uptime to calculate cache-in/out time.bartus
2019-09-08ccache/Travis: use nvcc-ccache provided in ccache-ext.bartus
2019-08-26Add OpenImageDenoise to blender compositorbartus
2019-08-25Fix: accidental commit of local changes in bc95f9bartus
2019-08-25Yay: drop cuda from .SRCINFO:makedepends, leave warn in comment.bartus
2019-08-20Travis: fix _makepkg_return code save routinebartus
2019-08-07Drop optdepend=cuda if prebuilding cuda kernelsbartus
2019-07-30Fix man page conflicting with archs blender packagebartus
2019-07-30Drop conflicts as blender master is now 2.81-alpha.bartus
2019-07-30Version bump to 2.81 alphabartus
2019-07-23Add README.mdbartus
2019-07-23Travis: build branch masterbartus
2019-07-21Filter CUDA_SELECT_NVCC_ARCH_FLAGSbartus
2019-07-18Merge branch 'master' of
2019-07-18Add flags DISABLE_{CUDA,NINJA} and TRAVISbartus
2019-07-16pop versionbartus
2019-07-16add cuda makedependsbartus
2019-07-16switch cmake backend from make to ninja, and small cmake tweaksbartus