AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysPop versionbartus
3 daysDrop outdated cmake flagsbartus
3 daysAdd openxr dependency.bartus
3 daysUpdate usd_python patch.bartus
3 daysUpdate usd to v21.02bartus
3 daysAdd haru/potrace enabling bitmap-tracing pdf-importbartus
2021-02-18Fix opencolorio{,1} conflictbartus
2021-02-15Quick fix for opencolorio=2bartus
2021-01-13Pop versionbartus
2021-01-13Fix nvcc-ccache overwritten by find_package(cuda)bartus
2021-01-06Rollback usd version loosening...bartus
2021-01-06Pop version, loose usd requirementsbartus
2020-10-05fix embree patchbartus
2020-08-22Travis: update usdbartus
2020-08-09Update embree.patchbartus
2020-07-30Pop usd version to 20.05bartus
2020-07-30Add .shellcheckrcbartus
2020-07-23Fix pkgdesc.bartus
2020-07-23Pop version to 2.91bartus
2020-07-08Pop versionbartus
2020-07-08Drop `mkdir -p build` since cmake will create it.bartus
2020-07-08Allow CUDA_ARCH to handle multiple values.bartus
2020-07-08Drop DISABLE_EMBREE env var since it's now required.bartus
2020-07-08Update embree.patchbartus
2020-05-04Fix openjpeg version.bartus
2020-04-16Fix DISABLE_CUDA=1 when cuda is installed.bartus
2020-04-08Update blender.changelogbartus
2020-04-08Add FRAGMENT env var to allow easier bisec.bartus
2020-03-23Update changelog.bartus
2020-03-10Update changelog.bartus
2020-03-10Add `blender-git` conflict when same version.bartus
2020-03-09Update changelog.bartus
2020-03-08Add changelog.bartus
2020-03-08Add changelog.bartus
2020-03-07Revert Optix fix (fixed upstream)bartus
2020-03-06Update upd.patch after usd move to blender/iobartus
2020-03-05Travis: fix deprecated keywords.bartus
2020-03-05Travis: add usd=19.11bartus
2020-03-04Fix pre-compiled cycles kernel strip prevent logic.bartus
2020-03-04Fix _cuda_capability overide of Select CUDA Arch.bartus
2020-03-03Drop old desktop and install files.bartus
2020-03-03Refactor pkgver().bartus
2020-03-03Fix embree link.bartus
2020-02-23Fix cmake opts.bartus
2020-02-20Add USD and Embree support.bartus
2020-02-18Revert "Fix osl shaders path."bartus
2020-02-16Fix osl shaders path.bartus