AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-15Update to version 3.3.0Utkarsh Singh
2022-08-12.SRCINFO: Sync latest changesUtkarsh Singh
2022-08-12PKGBUILD: Remove excess alterationsUtkarsh Singh
2022-08-12PKGBUILD: Fix b2sumsUtkarsh Singh
2022-06-14Update to version 3.2.0Utkarsh Singh
2022-06-12Replace external doc links with local linksUtkarsh Singh
2022-06-08Don't strip symbolsUtkarsh Singh
2022-06-08Add API's documentationUtkarsh Singh
2022-06-06Match Blender's pkgverUtkarsh Singh
2022-06-06Add pkg for Blender's documentationUtkarsh Singh