AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-09Add depends on python-lxml-html-cleanJose Lopes
2023-08-03Update to version 5.6.0 and add cypthon0 to makedependsJose Lopes
2023-08-03Update to version 5.6.0 and add cypthon0 to makedependsJose Lopes
2023-07-12Change dependency icu to ic72Jose Lopes
2023-06-14Update to version 5.5.1Jose Lopes
2023-04-01python-pyqt5 dependency removed. python-pyqt5-webkit provides python-pyqt5Jose Lopes
2022-12-02Update to version 5.5.0Jose Lopes
2022-07-20Update to version 5.2.0Jose Lopes
2022-01-26Solve issues with python 3.10Jose Lopes
2021-12-31Add patch to fix build for python 3.10; Fix PKGBUILDJose Lopes
2021-12-29Upstream 5.1.8Jonathon Fernyhough
2021-12-29Push improvements/fixes by Jose LopesJonathon Fernyhough
2019-09-25upgpkg: blink 3.2.0-4: changed source not to use tagXdaemonX
2019-09-25a bit of cleanupXdaemonX
2019-09-07Im stupid, finaly change i hopeErhad Husovic
2019-09-07Work1Erhad Husovic
2019-09-07mendErhad Husovic
2019-09-07WorkErhad Husovic
2019-09-07Fixed hashesErhad Husovic
2019-09-07Fixed download linkErhad Husovic
2019-09-07Set pkgrel to 1, previous was blankErhad Husovic
2019-09-07Changed SRCINFO to match latest versionErhad Husovic
2019-09-07Updated to the latest version, 3.2.0Erhad Husovic
2018-10-22Added new dependenciesNils Czernia
2018-10-15Updated to 3.1.0Nils Czernia
2018-02-07Simply update to force rebuildÓscar García Amor
2017-07-15Added optdepend of x11vnc for screen sharingÓscar García Amor
2017-03-10Added python2-service-identity as optional dependencyÓscar García Amor
2017-03-01Updated to 3.0.3Óscar García Amor
2017-01-26Updated to 3.0.1Óscar García Amor
2017-01-16Simply update to force rebuildÓscar García Amor
2016-08-03Unnecessary dependencies removedÓscar García Amor
2016-06-18Initial commitÓscar García Amor