AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-18Add .install file to rebuild modulesSam Bazley
2019-04-21Removed unnecessary PREFIX variableSam Bazley
2019-03-23Fixed "Module directory does not exist"Sam Bazley
2019-03-22Updated to new build systemSam Bazley
2019-02-11Removed ujson submoduleSam Bazley
2019-01-06Added LIBDIR definitionSam Bazley
2019-01-06Removed fish.zsh, added ujson dependencySam Bazley
2018-07-10Updated .SRCINFOSam Bazley
2018-07-10Added completion scriptsSam Bazley
2018-06-19Fixed incorrect dependency (libxrandr)Sam Bazley
2018-06-18Replaced `install` with `make install`Sam Bazley
2018-06-17Added licenseSam Bazley
2018-06-17Initial commitSam Bazley