AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-06Update to 1.4.5Guillaume Raffin
2020-09-11Update to 1.4.4Guillaume Raffin
2020-07-06Update to 1.4.3Guillaume Raffin
2020-05-22Update PKGBUILD manually before the next releaseGuillaume Raffin
2020-05-11Upgrade to 1.4.0 releaseJorge Vicente Cantero
2019-12-18Fix version that has hyphen and it's invalidJorge Vicente Cantero
2019-12-18Update SRCINFO to v1.4.0-RC1Jorge Vicente Cantero
2019-12-18Upgrade to 1.4.0-RC1Jorge Vicente Cantero
2019-10-06Updating to Bloop v1.3.4Bloopoid
2019-10-05Give unique name to install scriptGuillaume R
2019-10-02Updating to Bloop v1.3.3Bloopoid
2019-06-09Updating to Bloop v1.3.2Bloopoid
2019-06-08Updating to Bloop v1.3.2Bloopoid
2019-06-08Updating to Bloop v1.3.1Bloopoid
2019-06-08Updating to Bloop v1.3.1Bloopoid
2019-06-06Updating to Bloop v1.3.0Bloopoid
2019-06-04Updating to Bloop v1.3.0-RC1Bloopoid
2019-03-08Update sha sumsGuillaume R
2019-01-28Update srcinfoGuillaume R
2019-01-28Fix download linkGuillaume R
2019-01-26Updating to Bloop v1.2.3-9-gcb79d63Guillaume R (bloopoid bot)
2019-01-23Updating to Bloop v1.2.3-9-gcb79d63Guillaume R (bloopoid bot)
2019-01-20Increase pkgrel to 2Guillaume R
2019-01-20Add gitignore and pkgbuild headerGuillaume R
2019-01-20Updating to Bloop v1.2.3 (bloopoid test)TheElectronWill
2019-01-19Support fish completionGuillaume R
2019-01-18(minor fix) systemd service isn't actually copiedGuillaume R
2019-01-18Update to v1.2.3 and use directlyGuillaume R
2018-07-20Update to v1.0.0Guillaume R
2018-06-25Initial commitGuillaume Raffin