AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-24add python-deprecated as depBhoppi Chaw
2018-12-28update to Chaw
2018-11-05update to 0.15.0Bhoppi Chaw
2018-10-27update to 0.14.0Bhoppi Chaw
2018-08-16bump with python3.7Bhoppi Chaw
2018-06-04update to 0.13.0Bhoppi Chaw
2018-03-13update to 0.12.0Bhoppi Chaw
2017-02-04up with python3.6Bhoppi Chaw
2016-09-09update srcinfoBhoppi Chaw
2016-09-09update to 0.11.0Bhoppi Chaw
2016-04-11fix pkg errorBhoppi Chaw
2016-04-11fix to catch up with upstreamBhoppi Chaw
2016-01-10first commitBhoppi Chaw