AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-20add test suite to makedependsFelix Springer
2020-08-12bump version to and use supplied Setup.hsFelix Springer
2020-08-12add gitignoreFelix Springer
2020-08-12bump version to Springer
2020-08-12less duplicate declarationsFelix Springer
2020-08-10rename bludigon to blucontrolFelix Springer
2020-08-10bump version to Springer
2020-08-02use GitHub releaseFelix Springer
2020-08-02fix source download from GitHubFelix Springer
2020-08-02add pkgdescFelix Springer
2020-08-02dont use git as makedepend, use specific commit to download source (TODO: cha...Felix Springer
2020-08-02initial commitFelix Springer