AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-30update to 2.21.3René Wagner
2021-02-19update to 2.21.2René Wagner
2021-01-26update to 2.20.0René Wagner
2020-12-24update to 2.19.0René Wagner
2020-12-02update to 2.18.2René Wagner
2020-09-14update to 2.17.0René Wagner
2020-07-28bump to v2.5.0René Wagner
2020-07-01bump to v2.4.0René Wagner
2020-06-08bump to v2.3.0Jean-Francois Chevrette
2020-05-25bump to v2.2.0Jean-Francois Chevrette
2020-04-23bump to v2.1.2Jean-Francois Chevrette
2020-04-02update to 2.1.1Jean-Francois Chevrette
2020-02-20ensure source file has unique name across versionsJean-Francois Chevrette
2020-02-19bump to 2.1.0Jean-Francois Chevrette
2020-02-12remove gconf dependencyJean-Francois Chevrette
2019-11-27bump to v2.0.0Jean-Francois Chevrette
2018-11-28Update .SRCINFO for 1.37.22 updateTimothy Gelter
2018-11-28Updated to 1.37.22Timothy Gelter
2018-01-21Updated to the latest versionSharkEzz
2017-05-18Updated to 1.27.29James Bunton
2017-04-20Updated to 1.26.83James Bunton
2017-02-12Updated to 1.24.35James Bunton
2017-01-27Updated to 1.23.81James Bunton
2017-01-21Bump pkgrelJames Bunton
2017-01-21Depend on pulseaudio as it's needed for sound to workJames Bunton
2017-01-21Depend on provided libglJames Bunton
2016-11-21No need for rpmextract, improved descriptionJames Bunton
2016-11-18Updated to 1.20.25, also added dependencies from lddJames Bunton
2016-11-09Switch to Bluejeans appJames Bunton
2016-07-24Updated to Bunton
2016-07-09Updated to Bunton
2016-06-17Updated to Bunton
2016-06-11Updated to Bunton
2016-05-07Updated to Bunton
2016-04-23Updated to Bunton
2016-04-01Updated to Bunton
2016-03-18Updated to Bunton
2016-03-12Updated to Bunton
2016-02-19Updated to Bunton
2016-02-07Updated to Bunton
2016-01-12Updated to Bunton
2015-12-31Updated to Bunton
2015-12-07Updated to Bunton
2015-11-02Updated to Bunton
2015-10-15Update to Bunton
2015-10-01Update to Bunton
2015-09-10Update .SRCINFOJames Bunton
2015-09-10Update to Bunton
2015-08-12Fixed sha1sumJames Bunton
2015-08-12Initial versionJames Bunton