AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-06force English output to match Version when computing pkgrelPaulo Matias
2021-11-12now builds 8% faster with 4 ghc jobsPaulo Matias
2021-11-08follow submodule guidelinesPaulo Matias
2021-11-08bug #430 fixed upstreamPaulo Matias
2021-11-07split package here is not archyPaulo Matias
2021-11-06fix makedepend for docsPaulo Matias
2021-11-06fix makedepend for docsPaulo Matias
2021-11-06fix makedepend for docsPaulo Matias
2021-11-06update .SRCINFOPaulo Matias
2021-11-06transform into split packagePaulo Matias
2021-11-06add workaround for bug #430Paulo Matias
2021-09-16Update build stepSantiago Rojo
2020-10-08workaround for pkgrel overwritten on regen (by TkG)Paulo Matias
2020-10-08take into account the pkgrel of all haskell depends to check if rebuild is ne...Paulo Matias
2020-10-08hack to make it rebuild everytime haskell-split is rebuiltPaulo Matias
2020-07-16#172 fixed upstreamPaulo Matias
2020-05-22patch B-Lang-org/bsc#172Paulo Matias
2020-04-20Update SRCINFOPaulo Matias
2020-04-20Oops, forgot to add tcl as makedependPaulo Matias
2020-04-20Update SRCINFOPaulo Matias
2020-04-20Bluewish was removedPaulo Matias
2020-04-14Move tcl/tk to optdependsPaulo Matias
2020-04-14Deps on itcl/itk removedPaulo Matias
2020-04-13Some patches pushed upstreamPaulo Matias
2020-04-12Patch scripts only in package()Paulo Matias
2020-04-12Make it build!Paulo Matias
2020-02-05depJiuyang liu
2020-02-05TODO build failedJiuyang liu