AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-24Version bump 5.51Ted Alff
2019-07-13Comment out check functionTed Alff
2019-06-30Add patch for btpclientTed Alff
2019-06-27Bring in line with package in extraTed Alff
2019-01-15Trigger readline 8.0 rebuiltTed Alff
2018-07-10Update checksums for patch. Add conflicts with bluez-hcitoolTed Alff
2018-06-09Version bump 5.50. Add more architectures. Include patch from official bluez-...Ted Alff
2018-03-13Version update: 5.49Ted Alff
2018-01-04Version bump 5.48Ted Alff
2017-12-25Adopted and updatedTed Alff
2017-05-08upstream update to 5.45David Thurstenson
2017-03-02Initial commitDavid Thurstenson