AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-07bump version to 1.12.1Felix Springer
2020-02-01move to version 1.12.0, add checksum, remove git-dependency, for git-version ...Felix Springer
2019-12-07update to 1.11.4Felix Springer
2019-05-25changed .SRCINFO to last commitFelix Springer
2019-05-25added git as makedependencyFelix Springer
2019-03-14bumped version to 1.11.2Felix Springer
2019-03-01bump version to 1.10.1, clean up srcdir after make installFelix Springer
2019-01-26bumped version to 1.9Felix Springer
2019-01-19fixed pullFelix Springer
2019-01-19bumped version to 1.8.1Felix Springer
2019-01-17updated descriptionFelix Springer
2019-01-10added dependencies for scgFelix Springer
2019-01-10removed scg dependencyFelix Springer
2019-01-10version 1.5Felix Springer
2019-01-09version went back to 0.4!Felix Springer
2019-01-08added X to descriptionFelix Springer
2019-01-08added sgc as optdependFelix Springer
2019-01-06release v1.0Felix Springer
2019-01-06added PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOFelix Springer