AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-19release: v3.7-1 with PKGBUILDKyle Manna
2023-11-19release: v3.7-1Kyle Manna
2022-07-27pkgrel: Add missing python-six dependencyKyle Manna
2021-03-17gitignore: Ignore new package namesKyle Manna
2021-03-17pkgrel: Fix makedepends and setuptoolsKyle Manna
2021-03-17release: v3.6-1Kyle Manna
2018-09-26release: v3.5-1Kyle Manna
2018-04-19release: v3.4-1Kyle Manna
2018-04-19gitignore: Ignore release sorce packagesKyle Manna
2018-04-19pkgrel: Update to github release pkgKyle Manna
2015-06-08Initial importPatrick McCarty