AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-28Updated to 7.10.5daddef
2020-05-06Updated: 7.10.4GoliathLabs
2020-02-09Updated to 7.10.1Felix Golatofski
2018-04-10update: .SRCINFOJohnny English
2018-04-10fix: an issue with first run of the build (before it worked only for a repeat...Johnny English
2018-01-07update: .SRCINFOJohnny English
2018-01-07update: .SRCINFOJohnny English
2016-11-29update: .SRCINFOJan Pacner
2016-11-29change: version bump 7.2.2 -> 7.3.3Jan Pacner
2016-11-29change: message wording in the *.install scriptJan Pacner
2016-04-30update: .SRCINFOJan Pacner
2016-04-30add: install & upgrade info message about versioning of XDG configuration dir...Jan Pacner
2016-04-22update: .SRCINFOJan Pacner
2016-04-22change: version bump 7.2.1 -> 7.2.2Jan Pacner
2016-03-22update: .SRCINFOJan Pacner
2016-03-22update: .SRCINFOJan Pacner
2016-03-22update: .SRCINFOJan Pacner
2016-03-22change: version bump 7.1.0 -> 7.2.1 (functionality of 7.2.1 tested on x86_64)Jan Pacner
2015-09-22update: .SRCINFOJan Pacner
2015-09-22change: version bumpJan Pacner
2015-06-13add: PKGBUILD + *.installlJan Pacner