AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-23Update to 3.0.0alium
2018-08-17Fix bug #70alium
2018-04-28UpdateAlois Nespor
2018-02-22Update to 1.2.0Alois Nespor
2017-12-20UpdateAlois Nespor
2017-11-21snappy is a 'makedepends' onlyAlois Nespor
2017-11-21CUPS is a 'makedepends'Alois Nespor
2017-11-21UpdateAlois Nespor
2017-11-21Update to version 1.0.0Alois Nespor
2017-11-19Update to pre-release,but some important issues are fixed"Alois Nespor
2017-09-29Update + patch for poppler>=0.58Alois Nespor
2017-08-05UpdateAlois Nespor
2017-03-23Update to 0.9.0Alois Nespor
2016-09-12UpdateAlois Nespor
2016-09-05UpdateAlois Nespor
2016-02-12UpdateAlois Nespor
2015-12-10C++ ABI changeAlois Nespor
2015-11-12conflict with boomaga (KDE version)Alois Nespor
2015-11-11Initial importAlois Nespor