AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-20Update to 2.7.2Marcel Campello Ferreira
2017-03-19Make version number correspond to boot executableFrancisco Giordano
2016-12-22forgot .SRCINFOFrancisco Giordano
2016-12-22fix version to prevent future failing installsFrancisco Giordano
2016-12-21Update to 2.7.0Francisco Giordano
2016-03-25Change boot.install messageTobias Frilling
2016-03-24Add .install fileTobias Frilling
2016-03-24Update to 2.5.5Tobias Frilling
2015-12-29Update to 2.5.3Tobias Frilling
2015-12-25Update to 2.5.2 and new contributor.Tobias Frilling
2015-08-10Forgot srcinfoTobias Frilling
2015-08-10Update to 2.2.0Tobias Frilling
2015-07-18Initial commitTobias Frilling