AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-18Add python-pkgconfig to makedependsLauri Niskanen
2019-01-23Add git to makedependsLauri Niskanen
2019-01-12Rewrite PKGBUILD based on package 'borg'Lauri Niskanen
2016-05-22Update to upstream release 1.0.3Lauri Niskanen
2016-04-16Update to 1.0.2Lauri Niskanen
2016-04-10Update .gitignore to match the new package nameLauri Niskanen
2016-04-10Update to upstream release 1.0.1Lauri Niskanen
2016-03-27Rename package to borg-gitLauri Niskanen
2016-03-27Change maintainer to Lauri NiskanenLauri Niskanen
2016-03-17Update PKGBUILD based on community/borg packageLauri Niskanen
2015-10-30Add missing makedep python-mock and fixed build(); install HTML docsChristopher Arndt
2015-08-19up SRCBUILDvlad
2015-08-19add lz4 and xz to dependsvlad
2015-08-03Add openssh to optdependsvlad
2015-08-03Initial importvlad