AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-05Release 3.1.8Mirko Brombin
2021-04-21Release 3.1.5Mirko Brombin
2021-04-02Release 3.1.3Mirko Brombin
2021-04-02Release 3.1.3Mirko Brombin
2021-03-28Updated version to 3.1.2 and fixed typoFrancesco Masala
2021-03-24Updated .SRCINFOFrancesco Masala
2021-03-21Updated to 3.1.1Francesco Masala
2021-03-19Updated to 3.1.0Francesco Masala
2021-03-15Fixed typoFrancesco Masala
2021-03-15Updated to 3.0.9Francesco Masala
2021-03-10Added wine ad a dep.Francesco Masala
2021-03-09Updated to version 3.0.8Francesco Masala
2021-03-07updated PKGBUILD depsFrancesco Masala
2021-03-07Improved PKGBUILD and .SRCINFO (thx @Scrumplex), added deps gtk3 and python-g...Francesco Masala
2021-03-05Updated to version 3.0.6Francesco Masala
2021-03-02Updated to 3.0.5Francesco Masala
2021-03-02Updated to 3.0.4Francesco Masala
2021-02-25Updated bottles to version 3.0Francesco Masala
2021-02-25Updated deps (Added libhandy)Francesco Masala
2021-02-21Updated to version 2.1.2Francesco Masala
2021-02-17Update package to Masala
2021-02-03Update package to and fixed PKGBUILDFrancesco Masala
2021-02-01Updated websites and source code tar.gzFrancesco Masala
2021-02-01Updated ArchFrancesco Masala
2021-02-01Ignoring checksumFrancesco Masala
2021-02-01Updated checksumFrancesco Masala
2021-02-01Updated version to Masala
2021-02-01Updated MaintanerFrancesco Masala
2021-02-01Updated bottles to Masala
2021-01-24Update to Kiziridis
2021-01-16Update to Kiziridis
2021-01-01Update to Kiziridis
2020-12-23Update to 2.0.7Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-12-08Update to 2.0.5Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-11-29Initial commitDimitris Kiziridis