AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysImprove .desktop MIME type coverage and translationsAndrés Rodríguez
3 daysUpdate to version 1.25.73Andrés Rodríguez
8 daysUpdate to version 1.25.72Andrés Rodríguez
2021-06-03Update to version 1.25.70Andrés Rodríguez
2021-05-27Update to version 1.25.68Andrés Rodríguez
2021-05-20Update to version 1.24.86Andrés Rodríguez
2021-05-14Change icon name to match auto-created PWA shortcutsAndrés Rodríguez
2021-05-13Update to version 1.24.85Andrés Rodríguez
2021-05-11Update to version 1.24.84Andrés Rodríguez
2021-05-05Update to version 1.24.82Andrés Rodríguez
2021-04-30Remove CoW optimizationAndrés Rodríguez
2021-04-28Update to version 1.23.75Andrés Rodríguez
2021-04-22Update to version 1.23.73Andrés Rodríguez
2021-04-15Update to version 1.23.71Andrés Rodríguez
2021-04-14Update to version 1.22.72Andrés Rodríguez
2021-04-01Update to version 1.22.71Andrés Rodríguez
2021-03-25Update to version 1.22.70Andrés Rodríguez
2021-03-23Update to version 1.22.67Andrés Rodríguez
2021-03-23Update to version 1.22.66Andrés Rodríguez
2021-03-15Update to version 1.21.77Andrés Rodríguez
2021-03-11Update to version 1.21.76Andrés Rodríguez
2021-03-07Update to version 1.21.74Andrés Rodríguez
2021-03-03Update to version 1.21.73Andrés Rodríguez
2021-02-24Update to version 1.20.110Andrés Rodríguez
2021-02-19Update to version 1.20.108Andrés Rodríguez
2021-02-10Update to version 1.20.103Andrés Rodríguez
2021-02-05Update to version 1.19.92 and improve brave-bin.shAndrés Rodríguez
2021-02-03Update to version 1.19.90Andrés Rodríguez
2021-01-29Remove support for the upstream-disabled pepper-flash packageAndrés Rodríguez
2021-01-28Update to version 1.19.88Andrés Rodríguez
2021-01-19Update to version 1.19.86Andrés Rodríguez
2021-01-08Update to version 1.18.78Andrés Rodríguez
2020-12-30Update to version 1.18.77Andrés Rodríguez
2020-12-18Update to version 1.18.75Andrés Rodríguez
2020-12-10Update to version 1.18.70Andrés Rodríguez
2020-12-03Update to version 1.17.75Andrés Rodríguez
2020-11-24chmod suid sandbox for firejail usersAndrés Rodríguez
2020-11-20Update to version 1.17.73Andrés Rodríguez
2020-11-18Remove useless catAndrés Rodríguez
2020-11-18Add libnotify to optdependsAndrés Rodríguez
2020-11-12Update to version 1.16.76Andrés Rodríguez
2020-11-11Update to version 1.16.75Andrés Rodríguez
2020-11-03Update to version 1.16.72Andrés Rodríguez
2020-10-27Update to version 1.16.68Andrés Rodríguez
2020-10-21Update to version 1.15.76Andrés Rodríguez
2020-10-15Update to version 1.15.75Andrés Rodríguez
2020-10-12Improve user ns support logic and remove obsolete workaroundAndrés Rodríguez
2020-10-07Update to version 1.15.72Andrés Rodríguez
2020-09-23Update to version 1.14.84Andrés Rodríguez
2020-09-15Update to version 1.14.81Andrés Rodríguez