AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-24Add missing required dependencyAgustín Cisneros
2022-02-21Update to v1.4.10Agustín Cisneros
2019-05-15brillo: update to 1.4.9.Cameron Nemo
2019-05-04brillo: update to 1.4.8.Cameron Nemo
2019-04-19brillo: update to 1.4.6.Cameron Nemo
2019-03-31Update to 1.4.4Cameron Nemo
2018-12-06brillo: update to 1.4.3.Cameron Nemo
2018-11-12brillo: update to 1.4.2.Cameron Nemo
2018-10-15brillo: update to 1.4.1.Cameron Nemo
2018-10-09brillo: update to 1.4.0.Cameron Nemo
2018-10-04brillo: update to 1.3.1.Cameron Nemo
2018-10-01brillo: update to 1.3.0.Cameron Nemo
2018-08-19New package: brillo-1.2.1Cameron Nemo