AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-29Demote myself to contributorAndrey Vihrov
2017-01-29Add patch from Debian to fix kernel warningsAndrey Vihrov
2017-01-14Remove optdepends, they are required by dkms itselfAndrey Vihrov
2016-12-06Update upstream URLsAndrey Vihrov
2016-11-12Update metadataAndrey Vihrov
2016-11-12Better version of the Linux 4.8 patch (but no functional changes)Andrey Vihrov
2016-10-06Add support for Linux 4.8Andrey Vihrov
2016-08-11Bump pkgrelAndrey Vihrov
2016-08-10Fix namcap warning about executable code in /usr/src by installing wlc_hybrid...Andrey Vihrov
2016-08-10Use DKMS for patchingAndrey Vihrov
2016-08-10Rename variableAndrey Vihrov
2016-06-29The driver actually contains two licenses: for the Linux module source and fo...Andrey Vihrov
2016-06-18Small install improvementsAndrey Vihrov
2016-06-15Bump revision, update contributors, regenerate .SRCINFOAndrey Vihrov
2016-06-15Update checksumsAndrey Vihrov
2016-06-13Since Linux 4.7, the enum ieee80211_band is no longer usedJacob McSwain
2016-04-04Update URLAndrey Vihrov
2016-03-12Update optdepends to include official kernelsAndrey Vihrov
2016-02-25Remove custom code in favor of the new Pacman DKMS hooksAndrey Vihrov
2016-02-25Update .SRCINFOAndrey Vihrov
2016-02-25Temporarily use HTTP for source files. Integrity is still ensured by checksums.Andrey Vihrov
2016-01-13Move modprobe conf file to a system locationAndrey Vihrov
2015-12-07Add clarification to 002-rdtscl.patchAndrey Vihrov
2015-11-21Add commit references to the new patchAndrey Vihrov
2015-11-21Use correct function name in 002-rdtscl.patchAndrey Vihrov
2015-11-21Add patch for 4.3 on i686Andrey Vihrov
2015-10-11Remove redundant cdAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-11Add patch for dangling pointer dereferenceAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-10Still improve the post-install messageAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-07Swap two lines for better orderAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-04Update optdependsAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03Bump pkgrelAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03Suggested post-install commands should use sudoAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03Use HTTPS for source filesAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03More .install improvementsAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03Automatically set module version in dkms.confAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03.install file improvementsAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03Fix packaging issuesAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03Use correct PKGBUILD functionsAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03Update PKGBUILD fieldsAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-03Remove obsolete patchesAndrey Vihrov
2015-10-02New upstream versionAndrey Vihrov
2015-08-16Added patch for kernel 4.2twelveeighty
2015-06-11Changed source arrays to be a mix of normal and architecture specificFrank Vanderham
2015-06-11added specific content for AUR4 migrationFrank Vanderham
2015-06-11initial commitFrank Vanderham