AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysUpdate to Delgado
2024-02-13Update to version Delgado
2023-11-26Update to version Delgado
2023-09-06Update to Delgado
2023-08-18Update to version Delgado
2023-03-27Update to version Delgado
2023-02-28Update to version Delgado
2023-02-05Update to Delgado
2022-12-08Update to Delgado
2022-11-12Update to Delgado
2022-10-15Update AppImage checksumDylan Delgado
2022-08-24Update to Delgado
2022-04-13Update to Delgado
2022-01-12Update to Delgado
2021-09-29fix typo in sourceDylan Delgado
2021-09-29Update to version v0.9.3.0Dylan Delgado
2021-09-17Update to version v0.9.2.2Dylan Delgado
2021-03-18Add to package()Dylan Delgado
2021-02-16Update to version Delgado
2021-01-17Use nproc to limit number of compilation jobsDylan Delgado
2021-01-13Initial commit, based on version Delgado